The Holy Place

The Holy Place is the fifth chapbook in the Poet to Poet series published by The Seventh Quarry (Swansea) and Cross-Cultural Communications (New York). It can be purchased from me (email).


"Caroline Gill's poems are writen with an unerring sense of appropriate form. This makes her perception of landscapes and seas emerge all the more powerfully, as she explores places in people and people in places, the 'rocks and stones and trees' of Wordsworth's poem. The effect is that of an enquiring, exciting mind, disciplined and accurate, yet also open to the magical and mysterious that lies just beneath the surface."

J.R. Watson, University of Durham, 2012

"Caroline has eighteen poems in a chaptbook, 'The Holy Place'. I really enjoyed reading them and am sure you will too."

Ronnie Goodyer, Editor of Indigo Dreams Publishing, in 'Reach Poetry' #170, 2012